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Technology and media has become the frontier of development and marketing. We provide out-of-the-box solutions that stay within your pockets. From storage solutions to digital media designs, Newburns Design and Technology analyzes your needs to provide solutions with integration in mind. The whole idea behind our business motto is full integration. Providing a service or product to work directly out of the box is easy enough. But in order to design a system that will integrate into other systems is where efficiency meets effectiveness. It is amazing to have a new workflow available at your fingertips. It is more exhilarating and fulfilling to have a new feature-set available to your current workflow!
Supermicro - LSI - TrippLite - Axis
Behringer - Midas - CAD - Turbosound
Canon - Neewer - Phottix - YungNuo


We provide services from consultation to design to full installation and configuration. If it involves technology, we can assist.
Below are just a few examples of the services we provide:
Web Design
Design a website that compliments your business model and style. From hosted solution to onsite, we can provide the best web page plan for you. Wordpress, Joomla, or PHP, we can put you into a responsive page design to get the best response possible!
Audio Design
"Its hard to deliver a message when no one can hear you"
Collaborate with us to install or upgrade your audio system. From large platform design to full audio installation and PA Systems, we can assist you and help keep your plan within your budget!
Cameras are available anywhere with the increase in technology. What will make your media more appealing? QUALITY
Allow our professional photographers to take your media to the next level with increase photography production.
Stop being limited by the frustration of your workflow. Discover the easse-of-use and efficiency of a newly designed system completely integrated into your ideas and solutions. From server hardware development to user PC enhancement, we can increase productivity with a system that will exceed needs and expectation.



These are the minds that design systems for your pocket and OUT-OF-THE-BOX
Antoinette Burns
Antoinette Burns

Lead Photographer

My pictures will capture your moments

Raymond Burns
Raymond Burns

Technology Integrator

If it has a power button, I will be excited!

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We are recognized internationally through publications and fashion journals.
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