Newburns Design and Technology is here to capture perfect moments! Photography is the best way to capture stories.

Choose Newburns Photography for your event or special occasion. We are here to help you tell those stories the way that you desire.

They grow up so FAST!

Don’t miss these moments. They won’t last forever. Capture the sparkle and innocence of your child with special portrait packages. These are great gifts for relatives, and as priceless keepsakes.
We have many creative print selections such as canvass, 3D image viewers, photo albums and more.
Book your child a portrait session today

The most important thing in life is family!

Family moments are once in a lifetime, and need to be captured. With family photography portraits, you can tell 1,000 stories with just one image. Available both indoor and outdoor, this natural beauty can be remembered for a lifetime.

Customers eat with their eyes first

Don’t let your amazing food service products be overlooked. Your menu or advertisement should be a reflection of the taste of your service. Let us help update your menu, or let the world know through Social Media how awesome your products taste. With eloquent, soft lighting, we can bring the taste right out of the picture. Vibrant colors and exquisite detail will attract all eyes!

Beautiful lines should not go unnoticed!New developments and ideas should be well represented. The detail and design of architecture are synonymous to the voice of the architect. Natural lighting, efficiency, and furniture design are all a representation of the creator and their idea.

The love and diligence that goes into design is best represented by the “Out-Of-The-Box” ideas that Newburns is known for. Obscure views and creative results will cause your images to scream uniqueness!


Desire to get really creative?

Boudoir photography sessions stretch creativity and limits to the boundaries. Utilizing latest security technology you can trust that your session is secure. Entire image workflow is confound to a 2048-bit Encrypted space. Keep your peace of mind with our password-protect galleries and proofs.
Give your spouse the gift they will never forget: SECURELY.


-Breakdown and Structure

Newburns Design and Technology is committed to producing the best quality products and service at the lowest cost possible! We have adopted a pricing model that caters to you as a customer. As a result, you pay for what you want, not for what you don’t need.

Standard sitting fee: $199.99/first 45 minutes

The low-cost initial sitting fee starts your photography journey. Once your session is complete, prints, albums, or digital downloads can be purchased at a low nominal cost for each. In the event that you are not pleased with any product or service, then there is no additional costs. We believe in the quality of our service that we “put our money where our mouth is”. No more hassle and fuss with going through 100’s of images that you don’t want or need.

We are established in selling customer satisfaction!

Below are some pricing breakdowns:

Album Purchase
Album Sizes Photo Cover Standard Leather Cover Custom Leather Cover Tinted, Faux Leather, Sueded, and Fabric Cover Premium Lustre Paper per Spread Premium Luster x5 Spread Minimum Smooth Matte Paper per Spread Smooth Matte x5 Spread Minimum> Satin Lustre Coated Paper per Spread Satin Luster x5 Spread Minimum
5×7 $122.50 $122.50 $227.50 $94.50 $29.75 $148.75 $17.50 $87.50 $17.50 $87.50
6×6 $122.50 $122.50 $227.50 $94.50 $31.50 $157.50 $22.75 $113.75 $22.75 $113.75
6×12 $140.00 $147.00 $245.00 $112.00 $52.50 $262.50 $35.00 $175.00 $35.00 $175.00
7×5 $122.50 $129.50 $227.50 $94.50 $31.50 $157.50 $22.75 $113.75 $24.50 $122.50
7×10 $140.00 $147.00 $245.00 $112.00 $47.25 $236.25 $29.75 $148.75 $31.50 $157.50
8×8 $140.00 $112.00 $227.50 $112.00 $35.00 $175.00 $24.50 $122.50 $28.00 $140.00
8×12 $157.50 $129.50 $245.00 $129.50 $52.50 $262.50 $35.00 $175.00 $38.50 $192.50
10×7 $140.00 $122.50 $227.50 $112.00 $35.00 $175.00 $24.50 $122.50 $28.00 $140.00
10×10 $157.50 $129.50 $245.00 $129.50 $47.25 $236.25 $29.75 $148.75 $34.13 $170.63
12×6 $140.00 $147.00 $227.50 $94.50 $35.00 $175.00 $24.50 $122.50 $28.88 $144.38
12×8 $157.50 $129.50 $245.00 $129.50 $47.25 $236.25 $29.75 $148.75 $33.25 $166.25
12×12 $175.00 $157.50 $262.50 $147.00 $52.50 $262.50 $35.00 $175.00 $39.38 $196.88
All photo albums require a free consultation before creation.

An album spread is considered 2 pages of an album. It represents the LEFT and RIGHT side of a single album layout. An album spread can consist of 2 – 6 images.

Photo Print Purchase

Photo prints can be purchased within your photo gallery. Upon completion of your photography session, you will receive a link to your gallery. Click on the “Cart” button in order to view details about print purchases.

There are many add-ons and gift items that can be purchased with prints. A free consultation is required for print add-ons.

Digital Downloads Purchase

Digital Downloads are available for purchase using the same shopping cart feature for “Photo Prints”

  • $10.00 @ 1.6 Megapixels is an estimated 1200px on the longest side. This digital download is good for Social Media uploads and prints up to 3.5″ x 5″.
  • $30.00 @ 3 Megapixels is an estimated 1600px on the longest side. This digital download is good for prints up to 8″ x 10″.
  • $60.00 @ 18+ Megapixels is an estimated 5000px on the longest side. This digital download is the complete, uncompressed image.

Each image has the option for digital downloads at each megapixel range.
For digital download bundles:

10 digital downloads at 18+ Megapixels $350.00
20 digital downloads at 18+ Megapixels $650.00
30+ digital downloads at 18+ Megapixels $800.00
*All digital download bundles must come from the same photo session.